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It is customary at my church, as it is in many churches, that greeters are stationed at the entrances each Sunday morning.  The general responsibility is to smile, say good morning, and hand each person the daily bulletin of church activities as they come in the doors to worship. 

A few Sundays back, a sweet, older gentleman at my church who I’ve known for some time was greeting everyone as usual – a simple smile, a cheerful “Good morning,” and then he would hand out the bulletin. 

As Mom and I walked up the church steps and over to this gentleman, we expected the same.  But on this particular day, for no particular reason, he stopped us and went beyond his general responsibility.  He just wanted to tell us how much he missed my father.  He continued to say that he wished he’d had more time to get to know him better.  He told us that he and the rest of the men from the Sunday school class my father attended still talk about him from time to time.  And he mentioned having played golf with him once and that he hated he didn’t get another opportunity.

It was a brief exchange.  We told him thank you and that it was very thoughtful for him to say.  And then we went inside and continued with our day.  But that has stuck with me.  That small gesture, the extra little something that he decided to share with us has reminded me of the great impact my father had.  It was nice to hear that nearly two years later, my father was still remembered by more people than just my family.

This little experience got me thinking.  How many small gestures have I put forth effort to make recently?  Sometimes its just what somebody needs to hear or it could be something that makes a person’s life a little easier.  In my case, it brightened my day to realize my dad will always be remembered.  But it also made me see just how powerful a simple, small gesture can be.

Anything, big or small, that allows you to reach out to another person in a positive way can make a world of difference.  Now I feel the need to pass it forward and put forth some effort to make some small gestures of my own…

Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.  ~ William James

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.  ~ Mother Teresa

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  1. That comment did mean a lot. I understand exactly what you’re saying. The little things in life have always been the most important and I tried to teach you that and it seems that you learned well. If we could all learn to pass it forward, the world would be a better place.
    Love, Mom

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