up at 2:35 AM

I haven’t felt very well the last few days with the exception of Sunday.  I think its just that time of year where the Bradford Pears are blooming, the pollen is fresh, and it all wreaks havoc on my allergies.  My throat has been terribly sore and I’ve been really tired.  So tired in fact, that I fell asleep at 8:15 PM tonight and slept until 1 AM.  Now I’m up and I can’t fall back asleep. 

I’m thinking if I’m up and do a couple of things maybe I’ll get drowsy again.  So far, no luck. 

Despite not feeling very well, I had a good weekend.  On Saturday I did some much needed cleaning, but was able to take my time and not rush through it.  On Easter Sunday I went to church, had a wonderful dinner prepared by my mother, gave my brother and his wife my first niece gifts, and had a great time hanging out with some good friends riding 4-wheelers. 

I think that aggravated my allergies again though.  I was feeling a little better and then I was outside with the dust, pollen, cool air and I think it stirred it all back up again.  It was worth it though… riding 4-wheelers is fun.  I still need some practice to get the hang of it.

It was a good weekend.  Now if I could just fall back asleep and quell the sore throat, I’ll be doing great.   

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