the mighty, little pine tree

In the last two days I have sorted through 2,000 photos from an event at the library to decide which 140 or so should be posted on Flickr.  I’ve finished training 171 staff members how to use the new intranet system and have only about 10 mofallentree-3-11-08-small.jpgre people to meet up with.  I have managed to also get the new intranet system up and running officially and now have fielded dozens of emails and phone calls regarding its use.  And I have made sure that a tree that had fallen onto another tree in my mother’s backyard was cut down completely.  As seen in the picture, the mighty, little pine tree was holding its own carrying the weight of a larger tree.  Unfortunately the little tree that could had to be sacrificed for the greater good.  Busy days!

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