trainer by day, judge by night

Okay so it seems that the training I’m doing at work is never ending.  Today marked my 10th session putting me half way through – 10 more to go.  And then more than likely there will a few make up sessions for those that for some reason or another could not make it to ONE of my TWENTY sessions.  However, teaching so many sessions, I have now memorized my script and could probably recite it in my sleep.  That’s alright though, just makes it easier each time.

Tonight I stopped by my mother’s for dinner and to watch, of all things, American Idol.  (GASP!!)  I never thought I would really get into this show, but my mother (the reality queen that she is) has managed to get me hooked.  I’m really into this now – as pathetic as that may sound.  It definitely is more fun watching with Mom because we laugh and talk, make fun of some of the contestants and play judge from the couch.  I’m really bad at remembering the contestants names though so I have nicknames for them or I associate them with a celebrity look alike.  I call them things like Dreadlock, Guitar Guy, and Rocker Wannabe.  Then there are some that look like current celebrities, we have Orlando Bloom, Val Kilmer and Carlton (a character from the TV show Fresh Prince).  But it is an interesting show to watch.  Some are really, really good singers, some are good performers, and some are just terrible all around.  Personally I’m pulling for the little guy I call The Youngin’.  He is great for 17, I am very impressed – can never remember his actual name though.  I’m sure Mom knows.

Anyway, I may play judge at night, but tomorrow morning I’m headed back to hold more training sessions for my coworkers…   

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  1. The reality queen is happy that I’ve pulled you over to the reality side and yes – The Youngin’s name is David. It is more fun watching it with you than by myself.

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