all because of a mattress

Some of you know that I have purchased new bedroom furniture.  I’m very excited about this furniture – it’s adult, grown-up furniture.  But to be honest, I’m even more excited about the new mattress that is coming.

You see, I have had the same bedroom suite since I was three years old.  While my parents did an excellent job of purchasing a set that would “grow” with me and not look too “kid-ish” I felt it was time for something new.  Actually it became necessary to find something new.

It all began about two years ago.  What started this whole process was the mattress.  I needed a new one.  The coils had started to warp and cause unecessary pressure points.  It would squeak every time I moved and if I had been lucky enough to finally fall asleep the noise would wake me right back up.  It definitely had seen better days and I certainly had had better nights. 

The bed was a full size bed and I thought about just replacing the mattress and be done with it.  But then I thought that if I bought a mattress I should plan to keep the furniture for another 10 years or so – at least as long as the new mattress would hold up.  As I debated this off and on over the course of a couple of years (meanwhile not sleeping terribly well) I finally decided to move forward with a completely new set of furniture, new mattress, the whole kit-n-kaboodle.  I would upgrade to a queen size bed requiring new sheets and comforter, etc…

So I did it.  I made the purchase.  A lovely set.  Queen size bed, sleigh headboard, footboard with under-the-bed storage drawers, cedar-lined interior, beautiful details.  And to match this major upgrade, the crown piece of this entire deal… the amazing mattress (amazingly expensive too)…  but my oh my, the cushy, stable, most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on mattress was well worth every penny.  Especially since I haven’t really slept well in about two years due to the slow demise of my current set.

The furniture is on backorder and while I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival I’ve had some projects to take care of. 

First task:  emptying out all of the drawers and clearing out from under the bed.  Man, what a chore!  After nearly 7 years it is amazing how much I have accumulated in this one room of my house.  I spent a couple of days sifting through clothes, photos, what nots, etc… and repacking it all into boxes and plastic tubs to store in my second bedroom until the new dresser and chest arrives.   

Second task:  moving the old furniture out.  Well, I had to do this when I had help available and so that happened to be on Labor Day weekend.  My brother and a family friend came over with a truck and helped me dismantle my childhood furniture, load it up on the truck and carry it back over to the original home from whence it came – my mom’s house.  Then we proceeded to carry it back up to the original, second-story bedroom it had been in years ago and assemble it once again to live happily ever after in my mother’s care.  At least until I get a larger home and can accomodate extra furniture.

We then loaded a  30 year old mattress and box springs back in the truck, returned to my little home and delivered it to my now empty, baren, master bedroom where it was accompanied only by a small TV, a lamp, and an alarm clock in the floor.  This was to be my bed until the new furniture arrived (however long that would take).  Little did I know that sleeping on the ancient, 30 year old mattress and box springs would be just about like sleeping on the floor.  Hard, cold, feels like a board kind of uncomfortable.

Third task: I have also taken this time to clean the carpets in the house since it is probably the only time for a while when I’ll have the least amount of furniture to shuffle and move.

In the last few weeks I have spent my nights alternating between the mattress that lays in the bedroom floor like it would in some college kid’s room and my couch – neither of which are exactly the ideal sleeping situation.  I have also struggled to find enough clothes, socks and underwear readily accessible since I seemed to have packed up everything I ever owned and piled it ceiling high in the second bedroom.   I hate to admit it but there’s barely room to stand right inside the doorway…

So I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new furniture – but especially the state-of-the-art mattress.  After a couple of years of restless sleep and a few weeks of really uncomfortable, restless sleep, I’m putting all my hope into my new mattress.  I am hoping that it is the cure for sleepless nights, for awaking in the morning to stiff joints, for persistent fatigue, for uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and for unecessary noise in the middle of the night.  For the price, it better be the miracle I need.  It is coming into my home under a lot of pressure.  It has to earn its keep.  After all, this whole event, this entire furniture experience, started all because of a mattress.

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