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I’m a planner.  All my life I’ve always wanted to accomplish things.  I’ve set goals and worked towards those goals.  I see where I want to be and I’ve planned the steps to get there.  I knew as a little girl that my Plan A would include getting a decent education which would lead to a decent job which could help me afford a decent house.  I would be independent and self-sufficient and potentially one day I would head down a path to my dream of owning property.  There I would build my dream home, build a dream barn in order to take care of my dream horses and all the while I would contribute what I could to the greater good of humanity.

Grand dream right?

Notice that finding a guy, marrying said guy and starting a family never entered into that dream.  That’s right, because I felt like if it happened – great – and if not – great.  I was going to be alright either way.  I didn’t feel that becoming a wife and mother was my main purpose in life.  I was an oddity in my circle of friends who were boy crazy and were pretty much just busy planning the next party they would attend to meet the guy of their dreams.  This was so they could one day marry him, have 2.5 children, own the house with the white picket fence and live out the American dream happily ever after.

I was not swayed by them or the fairytales and romantic comedies I watched growing up.  While I love to plan, planning my wedding at the age of 12 with my girlfriends at a slumber party was not my idea of fun.  I was very content to be on my own, working my odd jobs, going to school, and putting away money to contribute to my Plan A.

That is until about six years ago where on one fateful evening I was reintroduced to an acquaintence and we started dating shortly thereafter.  At first things were fine.  He was independent and so was I.  He liked his alone time and so did I.  He had his own house/space and so did I.  Things were good.  I was able to date without pressure and continue working towards Plan A. 

Over the years though things started getting more serious.  I didn’t want to have as much alone time as before, I wanted to be a little more dependent, and I wanted to start merging our lives and our homes.  I was rethinking my Plan A and replacing some of the terms with a Plan B which included finding someone to share my life with, to create experiences and share memories with.  Someone I could build a home and a family with.  Someone with whom I would allow myself to depend upon and in turn be there for him.  This acquaintence-turned-boyfriend was just the guy that stopped me from thinking about Plan A so much and started me thinking about planning a wedding and a preparing for a shared existence.

We struggled off and on as I started to see our relationship in a more serious light.  We’d break up and get back together, break up and get back together.  It was a cycle.  We never seemed to be on the same page about what we both wanted.  It was Ultra Bachelor meets Miss Independent – now make it work… 

We also personally went through some deep losses and hardships over these six years.  Our parents had a variety of health issues and then, sadly, we experienced several deaths of family members including a few uncles, my grandmother, and both of our fathers.  These events created a stronger bond between us but also distracted us from focusing on our relationship and each other.

As I lost these lovely people in my life one by one and crept closer and closer to turning 30, I realized how much I would love to have Plan B.  I discovered how short life is and that it’s all about the people you surround yourself with.  It’s about who you let into your heart and whose heart you earn your way into that really matters.  Because when you are gone, your memory lives on in the hearts of others.  I felt the need to live in someone’s heart and to pour all my heart and love into someone else and the next generation. 

After some time, I finally decided that we were at a point to make a decision for Plan B.  We had had six years of ups and downs, happiness and sadness.  We’d seen each other at our worst and at our best and if these experiences did not create a direct path to each other then it was time for the relationship to end.  Needless to say he wasn’t ready despite all the life we’ve already shared together.  We couldn’t be the best of ourselves for each other and that’s really what it came down to.

So my planning has started all over again only this time I’ve had a small taste of what another plan may feel like and it has left my heart broken. 

In the meantime I’m coming back to Plan A.  That existence I know and understand.  It has been in the works since I was a child.  It is comfortable and straightforward.  Plan B was emotional and messy.  It was always changing and it caused me to change.  Plan A is steady, reliable.  As I pick up the pieces from my detour gone bad, I am trying to remind myself that God has the ultimate plan for my life and it is the most sure thing I can cling to.  Though my current situation saddens me, I know that everything happens for a reason.  I’m beginning to believe that God is showing me that I don’t always have to be strong, independent and self-sufficient.  I believe through these last six years He has exposed my heart and created an urgency to feel more connected to Him and to others.  I’m still learning, I’m still a work in progress, and while I’m falling back on Plan A, I know that my true planning, my true life path can only happen when I’m solely and completely depending upon Him.

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  1. Wally is an idiot! But you are right – God does have a plan for you and it may be that He is drawing you closer to him. He may want you to be a missionary in Africa (I hope not!). I am praying that he is going to send that special someone into your life that will sweep you off your feet just like in the fairy tales. That would be fun to watch! I love you.

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