correction corrected

Okay – so if you’ve read my last post and the comment added by my mother, you would know that she found a grammatical error.  When she told me she had sent me a correction, I laughed.  I mean blogs aren’t the most formal writing environments after all.  But I have to give it to her, she knows her English grammar.  This was one of her favorite subjects in school. 

Now its my turn for a rebuttal… if you read her comment closely, you’ll notice a typo… see if you can find it… HINT: librarian is spelled with TWO “R”s.

So Mom, I love you tremendously, appreciate your editorial authority and admire your grammatical expertise… but now I’ve corrected you too!  I think we’re even… correction, corrected…

I mean I had to pick on her… this was just too easy!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “correction corrected

  1. OK so I am not perfect after all. You have been singing my praises so much lately that it all just went to my head. I stand corrected. I love you.

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