eventually just doesn’t cut it

A dead intranet system, missing film, a knee injury, a haircut, a hairless cat, and a fight. 

Unfortunately, this describes the week I just had. 

One of my coworkers/friends from our Systems department has told me that I manage to crash every server they give me access to.  He’s right.  But this time it just wasn’t my fault.  Somehow our new intranet system that I’ve been planning for the last five months or more seemed to confuse permissions and just locked itself down.  So another Systems coworker/friend, to her credit, has spent more time trying to communicate with the cultural rainbow the company calls technical support than I care to admit.  Anyway, after she had no success with the technical support it was finally decided this week that she would just clean the server and reinstall the system from scratch.  All the work I have put into it just disappeared.  I am supposed to start training our entire staff (about 180 people) on how to use this new system in about 9 days.  I have 9 days to set up permissions, reload all the content, and develop training materials.  Hmmm, I hope I can get it done… it will result in a lot of overtime this coming week I’m sure.  Eventually I will finish it…

I have an interesting job though because not only do I get to work with web stuff but also local history materials.  I’m heading up a large digitization project to help preserve this valuable collection and eventually make it available online.  One of the items in this collection is a film of my community during the 1920s.  On Friday the local history librarian and me went to the University Film Library to discuss preservation and digitization of this film and also to run it on the $250,000 special projector they have there in order to see exactly what’s on it.  Well, we found that some of the film is missing.  Two of the most valuable scenes are simply not there.  Not good news!  So now we get to play detective and try to track it down… hoping that somebody has it.  Eventually we’ll find it – I hope! 

Well, while I was visiting this Film Library that is housed in an old warehouse which is not up to fire code, has temporary walls that create a maze of hallways, and has uneven concrete floors, I fell.  This was not a polite, smooth, easy to recover type of fall either.  This was a complete and total wipeout – ungraceful, arms flailing, hit the concrete hard type of fall.  I went down on my right knee (the one I had surgery on years ago) and it is extremely sore and discolored.  My range of motion is definitely limited.  And its been swollen ever since.  Another sign I’m getting older.  I wanted to scream “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  But I’m really just trying to be like my mother… ha ha… (for those of you that don’t know, about 5 months ago she fell and broke her hip).  Eventually my knee will recover…  

Okay, so injured knee and all, I went to get my haircut this morning and then went to help my mother take one of our cats (they live with her) to the vet.  Apparently, the cat has developed some type of allergy and is chewing, scratching, and licking off all of her fur.  Poor thing, she looks like she has the mange.  She received a shot of steroids and now I have to give her some liquid antibiotics by mouth twice a day for the next week.  This should be fun!  (imagining teeth biting, claws scratching and cat hissing…)  She will eventually grow fur again…

And as if this weren’t enough – I had a horrible argument with someone I’m very close to over something stupid.  Isn’t that the way most fights begin though – over something stupid?  This time it was a key… Anyway, he thinks he’s right, I think I’m right and the battle lines have been drawn.  We are so extremely stubborn that we don’t listen to each other – we just yell over each other.  Like that’s accomplishing anything.  Eventually one of us bends a little and it permits us to put the argument behind us and move on. 

So the primary question in all this is… when does eventually come?  Eventually is defined as “an unspecified period of time” in the American Heritage Dictionary.  Unspecified… I don’t like that.  I like exactness, planning, and order.  I like knowing and being prepared.  I understand the logic of cause and effect and Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.  The patience to wait for eventually and all the ambiguity and uncertainty associated with it is something I always have a hard time with.  The planner in me doesn’t allow for unspecified.  Eventually just doesn’t cut it.        


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  1. I can’t believe that I am correcting you but in the second paragraph it should be the history libraian and I (not me). Once again as I always tell you – you have a gift of words. You can make them come alive right there on the page. Just keep thinking book – book – book!

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