2 1/2 worth having around

It’s been a long time since I provided an update on the cats.  The last time I spoke of them I had mama cat (Casey) in the back yard with her second litter and was missing the two from her first litter, Bogey and Audrey.  Well, unfortunately, sweet, timid Bogey and Audrey never returned.  It has been nearly a year since they disappeared.  I do miss them.  I spent months looking for them, taking several trips to the animal shelter, putting flyers out in the neighbors’ mailboxes, and wandering through the woods with food calling out for them.  Never a response.  I am hopeful that they are together and have happily relocated to a quieter home where someone is taking very good care of them.  Maybe I was just their stepping stone, acclimating them to domestic life and then sending them on their way to their final home.  Whatever the case, doesn’t change the fact that I would take them back in a heartbeat if they ever returned.

On a happier note, the second litter (containing four kittens) lived on my back porch for about seven weeks.  I was successful at finding the two boys a home together.  It was hard letting them ago as it is so easy to get attached to the cute little furballs.  But I knew it was best.  It just wasn’t feasible for me to keep all the kittens.  They do eventually grow up and become cats.  I was still looking for homes for the two girls when I decided that Bogey and Audrey simply weren’t coming back, so I took the opportunity and kept the two girls.  I have named them Bella and Callie.  So I am currently a house with 2 1/2 cats.  Yes I count Casey (mama cat) as a half because I think I share custody of her with another neighbor down the street.  She’ll come, stay a few days, and then go on her merry way until she’s ready to visit again.  Important note however was that this time I was able to catch her and have her spayed… no more litters for her, or me!

As for Bella and Callie, I really couldn’t ask for better cats.  Since I was able to round them up at such a young age, they are totally cool with me and anything I do or noises in the house.  Big change from Bogey and Audrey who after a year still had major issues with noises, fast movements and anything out of the ordinary.

Bella and Callie are like night and day – literally.  Bella is a fluffy, gray and white and Callie is a dark, slick tortoiseshell.  Even their temperaments are different.  Bella is calm, cuddly, sweet and Callie is high-energy, feisty, and curious.  They are both smart.  Bella has learned she can fetch her toy rat like a dog and I’ll throw it the 75 times she requires until she gets tired.  (She has misplaced this rat the last few days and so I’ve had a small break – don’t know if we’ll find it again or not).  Callie is investigative.  She wants to check out everybody and everything.  This gets her into quite a bit of trouble because it leads her to places and into things where she, as a cat, shouldn’t be… she has become very familiar with the squirt of the water bottle as disciplinary action.  Callie also has a trick of her own.  She enjoys sitting on my shoulder like a parrot often times to my detriment.  You see, claws are sharp and don’t feel so great when she loses her balance or misses my shoulder altogether.

But they are precious, furry friends and provide lots of company and entertainment.  Yes they’ve scratched up the furniture a little, I have to vacuum more frequently, food and litter can become quite costly, the litterbox sometimes creates an unpleasant odor throughout the house, but it is so worth it to have these 2 1/2 around.

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