sore and tired

My first week at the gym has left me quite a bit sore and more than a little tired.  Using muscles I haven’t used in years and changing my schedule so drastically to fit in the gym has caused a whirlwind.  I do think though that once my body adjusts to everything this will be really good all around. 

The soreness is good, lets me know I’ve done something this week.  And the extra time in the morning has allowed me to do bible study in the morning and maybe a chore or two before I head out the door to work.  And a positive side effect is that I’m more easily getting to work on time (something I’ve struggled with) – go figure…

I did four workouts this week: two on Monday, then one on Tuesday and Thursday each.  Three of these contained about 30 minutes of cardio on an elliptical machine and about 20 to 30 minutes of strength training with weights and Tuesday was spent in a 45 minute spinning class.

The extra workout on Monday was with a personal trainer.  As a bonus for signing up at the gym, they offer one free workout with a trainer so I scheduled the appointment for the evening having already had my first workout Monday morning.  The trainer was nice and challenged me a little, but his manager, the one responsible for adding me as a client, was quite a jerk.  I hate to say that but its true.  The ploy of the free training session is to get you to feel incompetent in the gym and that you have no willpower to do this get-in-shape thing on your own so they can sell you their packaged services.  Obviously they have set marketing tactics for different demographic groups and they don’t sway from those.  The manager didn’t listen to anything I was saying.  Seeing I was a younger, single female he just marketed the package as a way for me to get myself back into a 2-piece bathing suit and attract a guy.  Lord help him he had no idea to which unmarried female he was speaking. 

First off, I’m so modest I probably wouldn’t wear a 2-piece even if I looked like Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford… and secondly, I am perfectly alright staying single for the rest of my life.  Not saying I’m not open to marriage, but if it doesn’t happen, well then it just doesn’t happen, and I’m okay with that.  Besides, if my only motivation for getting in shape is to look better and get a man, well then in my opinion those aren’t good reasons anyway.  I just want to be healthier and feel better.  Losing a few pounds would be nice but not absolutely necessary.  I mean if I’m gaining muscle then weight really isn’t an issue anyway as long as I’m losing fat because muscle weighs more.  Needless to say, I did not sign up for any personal training package.  I’m more confident in myself and my abilities than he wanted me to believe.

Another bonus is to have a free consultation with a chiropractor.  So I scheduled a couple of appointments with him this week as well.  I must admit, chiropractors freak me out a little.  I’ve never been to a chiropractor and the whole “popping” and “cracking” has always concerned me.  However, after listening to him and what the chiropractic plan would involve I’m beginning to think it may not be such a bad idea.  Yes, the focus is your spinal health and alignment, but other things are involved as well.  He also is doing a nutritional analysis with me to see what nutrients I’m getting enough of, too much of, and not enough of.  He’s checking my hydration and BMI.  He has asked me what my health goals are and he will help plan a diet and workout that will reflect those goals.  It’s an entire well-being plan.  I have one more session with him before I have to make my decision whether or not I want to accept his services.  Three free consultation appointments is not a bad deal. 

All in all my first week back at the gym went pretty well.  One or two more weeks and I’ll be over the most difficult part of this entire process – getting started.  Until then though I think I’m going to keep being a little sore and tired.

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