at it again…

I asked and you answered.  You indicated that a blog would be of interest and so… here we go, again.  I’ve had this particular blog for nearly 10 years.  I started it shortly after my father’s death and have written intermittently over the last decade with several false starts but a recent minor success in publication has renewed a passion to be creative in this way.  So I’m reviving the blog, in a sense, instead of starting from scratch all over again.  It’s had many different looks over the years and I’m sure it will change again.

With that said, my domain name, spotsbug.com, will remain as a nod to my dad.  His nickname was Spot, mine has always been Bug, hence, Spot’s Bug, or rather SpotsBug.  It is fitting that I am starting up writing once again here as my family is quickly approaching the 10 year anniversary of our final goodbye to this man who gave us so much. Despite his absence I have learned so much in these last 10 years about him and about myself, but I digress.

I have, in recent years, put many of my thoughts and short writings in posts on Facebook and I will continue to do that as well, however, I hope to redirect most of those to this blog and simply share them to Facebook from here.  I have set up this blog for easy sharing of posts to social media (so feel free to share if something touches your heart) as well as emails and it is also possible to subscribe with email addresses so new posts are emailed directly to you when made available.  If you are interested, I encourage you to sign up.  It will help hold me accountable and keep me writing, which of course is the whole point of this blog to begin with.  To give me reason to write, to grow and improve and to maybe reach people and inspire in some small way.

My posts have always focused on family, God, love, animals, transition, loss and hardships and I look to continue on down this same path with future posts as well.

As I’ve heard from many of you it is my vulnerability that keeps you reading and therefore, at great risk to myself, I hope I can live up to this and have the courage to keep myself open to write what is always on my heart, revealing my fallibility and frailty to you in new and inspiring ways.  Honesty is hard, honesty with oneself even harder, but it is the only way to truly understand and learn the lessons meant for each of us.

So happy reading!  Please comment and share your thoughts as we go.  That too will encourage me and keep me moving forward on this venture.  I appreciate you taking this journey along with me.  Thank you!

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