42 days – day five and six

Technically the sabbatical doesn’t cover weekends since I do usually have those off.  However, since I’m not having to gear up for work tomorrow, I think it’s worthy of some attention and should be counted as part of my time off.

This weekend was a stable-free weekend.  Instead, my family said goodbye to one of our family members on Saturday and the rest of Saturday was spent doing mostly nothing.

Sunday I attended church and worked some on creating the new catalog database for our church library.  Yes, another project of this time off is to get that system up and running so we can re-catalog the items and have an up-to-date database of everything we own and have.  It’s a big project and probably won’t be finished in the six weeks I have off, but I can have a good start with the extra time.

I then spent some quality time with Mom.  Something I look forward to and enjoy very much.  She’s my mother but she’s also my best friend, so to have some time set aside for us to just chat and laugh is always a blessing.

I had some success with rescue puppy this weekend as well.  I started introducing her to the cats and so far no one has killed anyone else.  No growling or hissing.  Just a lot of staring and sniffing.  Callie did, however, rub up against Monroe in a very brief moment.  They all did well and I’m so proud of them.  Hoping this continues to be the case and that eventually they will all be friends.  We’ll see…

So, here I sit on Sunday night thinking to myself that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  That feels so strange.  Great, but strange.  I’m trying to soak up every minute of this because I know it will be over much too soon… but right now, all I know, is that I don’t have to get up and go to work in the morning… and there is nothing really better than that right now.

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