42 days – day four

Today was spent primarily helping out at the barn.  After a little bit of a leisurely morning getting going, I headed out to the barn.  I rode the new buckskin, Faith, again for a short little bit and played with my girl, Dolly some.  But mostly it was a work visit, helping kids get ready for evening riding class, feeding horses, dressing a couple of wounds on a horse, and treating a sick baby goat for a bacterial infection.

That was probably the most interesting part of the day.  One of the baby goats, Tigger, has some kind of bacterial infection.  The vet was out to the barn today for another reason and the owner took the opportunity to have little Tigger checked out.  The veterinarian said to soak all his irritated skin in a sulfur solution.  Guess whose job that became?  So me and another lady that helps out around the barn were charged with this stinky task.  The more Tigger wiggled and kicked and jerked his head, the more we got coated ourselves in sulfur… which meant that by the end of this task, the trio of us all smelled of rotten eggs.  Fantastic!

Aside from that, the day was pretty typical for a day at the barn.  Looking forward to spending more time there over the next several weeks…

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