a month of thanksgiving – day thirty

Well, here it is, the last day of November, this month of thanksgiving.  I’ve enjoyed recalling, noticing and appreciating all that I have.  The list goes on… 30 things in 30 days doesn’t at all cover everything for which I’m grateful, but it’s a good start.  I thought I’d give a final thanksgiving and then recap my entire month.

So, on this final day of November I am thankful for purpose.  God gives us all a purpose.  It is up to us to listen to Him, to trust Him and to follow Him so that He can guide us to what it is.  I think purpose can shift and change as life passes, what my purpose was yesterday may not be what it is tomorrow.  But I know that God will use me for His ultimate purpose and that never changes.  So today I’m thankful that I know I have purpose in God’s Kingdom and that while it may not always be clear on a day-to-day basis, I can trust that each and every day is filled with purpose to serve and follow Him.

It is good to remind myself that despite difficult times, I still have so much to be thankful for.  Here’s a short list of 30 things…

Day One – for safety, for power, for a warm bed, for a home to come home too each night, for my life.

Day Two – for a healthy mother.

Day Three – for renewing my love of horses.

Day Four – for a wonderful church family.

Day Five – for my feline friends.

Day Six – for the freedom of choice and the right to vote.

Day Seven – for evangelical leaders like Billy Graham.

Day Eight – for my job.

Day Nine – for a couple of good friends.

Day Ten – for my health.

Day Eleven – for the true heroes of this great nation, our veterans.

Day Twelve – for all the creatures of the earth.

Day Thirteen – for frustration.

Day Fourteen – for my dad.

Day Fifteen – for music.

Day Sixteen – for modern medicine.

Day Seventeen – for the special individuals I’ve lost.

Day Eighteen – for memories.

Day Nineteen – for technology and the convenience it brings.

Day Twenty – for the feeling of safety.

Day Twenty-One – for time off from work.

Day Twenty-Two – for an Almighty God.

Day Twenty-Three – for rest.

Day Twenty-Four – for seasons and weather.

Day Twenty-Five – for soreness.

Day Twenty-Six – for good coworkers.

Day Twenty-Seven – for the ability to see.

Day Twenty-Eight – for the ability to dream.

Day Twenty-Nine – for the good that can still be found in people.

Day Thirty – for purpose.

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  1. Filha, arranja lá umas exclamações sem ser da publicidade chunga, como essa do “eu meQu.§o”Ãreanto a assuntos de trampa e esfincter anal, não me convides, para o tema. Já chegou a “seca” da Casa Pia.

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