a month of thanksgiving – day twenty-nine

Today I am thankful for the good that can still be found in people.  We live in a world full of selfish people always wanting more for themselves.  Always out for number one with little care for anyone that may cross their path.  But today I was reminded that occasionally some good can still be found.   A few good news stories brought me this moment.  First there was the New York City cop who bought shoes for a homeless man with his own money.  Then I saw on Facebook where a girl I went to high school with has a son with cerebral palsy and an anonymous donor contributed $4,500 towards therapy for her son so he can learn to walk.  And I’ve been helping the horse stable figure out ways to raise money and so I pulled together a calendar and as I picked them up from the printer today he bought one for himself despite the fact that he could have secretly printed his own.  It is always refreshing when I hear stories and live stories such as these.  It gives me back hope in the human race that can often times be so dark and greedy.  So today, I am happy to report that good still exists in this world and can sometimes be found in unlikely places.

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