a month of thanksgiving – day twenty-eight

Today I am thankful for the ability to dream.   The record Powerball Lottery has me thinking about all sorts of things I’d do if I won the $500 million or so that’s up for grabs.  I know I would first retire my mother and renovate her home.  I’d retire myself and probably buy some property and build a home.  I’d definitely fulfill my lifelong dream of owning a horse, or two, or three…  I’d make sure I had the help to maintain the animals and property I’ve always wanted.  And, if my mother had anything to say about it, I’d buy me a new wardrobe, but I’d buy on the suggestions of my own personal stylist.  I would also travel to several places I’ve always wanted to see like Italy, Greece and Australia.  But really, aside from these things, I can’t think of anything I really want or need.  So I have started dreaming bigger, outside myself.  I’d tithe 10% to my church and then pay off our building renovation fund.  I’d give some to the children’s shelter in town because they do great work and I believe it is terribly sad how children often pay the high price of their parent’s mistakes or irresponsibility.  I’d fund our animal shelter so that no stray would be turned away and not given a shot at finding a good, loving home because there is a lack of funding, space, etc…  I would feed hungry children, ensure clean drinking water in desperate places throughout the world.  I would educate the young and give money to organizations that support veterans and their families.  So many things I’d love to do for myself, my mother, for others… if only I had the money.  But I can dream… and it’s fun to do so.  And I’m grateful that I can dream for things like these.  I can because I have all of my basic needs met.  I have food, I have water, I have shelter.  So this allows me the ability to dream big…

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