a month of thanksgiving – day twenty-six

Today I’m thankful for good coworkers.  I’ve already mentioned I’m grateful for my job, but I’m also really thankful for the individuals I spend the majority of my days with, my coworkers.  I work with some really awesome and special people.  My two employees, first of all, are not only valuable assets to my department by being knowledgeable, hard-working people… they are also fantastic people.  They care, they are personable, they are interesting.  I am truly blessed to supervise such wonderful employees and individuals that I feel I can honestly call my friends.  I also work with some other great folks that aren’t as directly involved with my daily activities.  Both my bosses are terrific.  They are fair and they are willing to help, which is more than I can say for a lot of bosses I’ve had or who are out there in the world.  There are several from a variety of different departments that I enjoy working alongside on projects and troubleshooting issues with.  Too many to name individually but they would know who they are.  I am totally and completely blessed in this regard.  I honestly look forward to seeing these people and getting to not only do our jobs together but to catch up on their lives and how they are doing.  I truly care about each one and consider them friends.  I would only hope they would feel the same about me.

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