a month of thanksgiving – day twenty-five

Today I’m thankful for soreness.  This one sounds just crazy.  I know it.  But yesterday I did some work at the stable with a four year old boy who has Cerebral Palsy.  I carried him around to see chickens and goats.  We petted horses and played in the dirt.  I pushed him on the swing set and then carried him some more.  He wore me out.  This tiny little boy so full of life and yet so debilitated by his condition.  His stiff legs often getting tangled together and then he would need assistance straightening them back out.  He is completely unable to walk on his own.  Based on his independent spirit however, you wouldn’t know this little guy had any problems.  I was inspired by this frail looking kid and his joy in every little thing.  His sweet giggle and adorable little voice saying, “Wait, I can do it” over and over again… what a pleasure it was to meet him.  What a privilege it was to spend a couple of hours of my afternoon with him.  Today I’m suffering.  My achy, sore muscles are screaming at me letting me know that I’m not as young (or as fit) as I once was.  Hauling a four year old all over 25 acres several times in one afternoon has sure taken it’s toll.  But I am grateful.  I am grateful for the time I spent with this inspirational kid.  And I’m grateful for the soreness that reminds me I am strong, I have healthy muscles and a healthy body… something I wish more than anything that this precious, small child could say, but can’t.

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