a month of thanksgiving – day twenty-three

Today I am thankful for rest.  I had so many plans for cleaning today, this beautiful day after Thanksgiving.  Really I only accomplished washing a few dishes, managed one load of laundry and ran to the store for some cat food (something I seem to always need…).  I had hoped to achieve a lot more because I’m so behind on keeping house.  My depressive funk of the last year has left me a little unmotivated to do much of anything, cleaning being one of them.  But, alas, we all need rest as well.  I have been busy lately (thankfully) and have not really slowed down for a couple of months.  It was good to crash today, take a couple of naps, curl up with my furry babies and watch some TV.  I’ve done a little Black Friday shopping from the convenience of my home and managed to write this… that’s about it.  Chores will wait until tomorrow.  Today I’m grateful to have found a little rest.

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