a month of thanksgiving – day eighteen

Today I am thankful for memories.  One of the earliest memories I have is of my father helping me bait a hook on a family fishing trip.  I don’t remember how old I was, whose boat we were on, or really even who else was on the trip – most of the details are pretty fuzzy.  I just remember my dad’s patience as he gently showed me how to get the hook ready and then how to use the fishing pole.  Another precious memory I have is of my mother washing my hair in the kitchen sink and singing silly songs to me in order to keep me distracted and laying still.  Again, a little fuzzy on the details but this was a routine event that holds some special times because that was a time for mom and  me to chat about our day, play games, sing silly songs, and whatever else came to mind.  My folks were/are the best.  No matter where I go or what I do in this life, the memories I hold in my heart will always be cherished.  Obviously, I have so many more memories with them along with many, many others.  All special, all precious keepsakes I store in my mind and in my heart.  Today, I am grateful for my ability to remember these special moments that truly tell the story of my life.  I know there are many in this world that haven’t been as fortunate and may hold only bad memories in their minds or simply cannot remember due to dementia type problems like Alzheimers.  I am so very blessed that not only do I have wonderful, positive, and sacred memories, but that I can recall them almost instantly (minus a few details here and there).

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