the horses, and all that entails…

Today I returned to the stable that brings me so much joy.  I rode for the second time.  After a few days of being sore from the first ride, I tried again.  This time on a horse named Jessi.  This time I made it up in the saddle on the first attempt.  This time the ride was much smoother.  This time I started to feel a little more comfortable up in the saddle and I started to feel like the old me.  Sure, there’s still a ways to go but my legs didn’t feel like jelly afterwards and so that’s progress.

After the ride, I stayed and helped out the rest of the day.  D put me right to work, just like when I was a teenager.  I helped prepare horses for classes and pony rides, filled  water troughs and groomed and fed a few horses.  It all came back so quickly… like riding a bicycle.

I ran into a few unexpected critters during my day like the few dozen cockroaches that had found their way into a horse’s water bucket, a lost baby squirrel that a kind neighbor decided to take to the animal rescue for us, and a black widow spider.  Now that one I didn’t mess with at all.  But all these creatures continued to remind me of all the strange things (and yes sometimes somewhat disgusting things) a person can come across at a barn.  I wasn’t expecting them today, but all works together to make a most interesting experience.

The day ended with a fun adventure trekking through the property with D hunting for weeds.  Yes, I know that sounds so exciting doesn’t it?  But it’s really important for a farm to control the weeds or they quickly take over everything.  Anyway, D felt I could help her research the weeds and so we took off covering a couple of acres of property taking pictures of the different  weeds we ran into.  So I left today with a homework assignment and actually some live weeds as well so that I can study their blooms and figure out what they are…  should be fun.  I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

A day like this makes me feel like I can move forward past all that has occurred during the last year.  I can move past all that has brought me into such a deep valley.  A day like this is a gift from God to let me know He is always with me and that He will always lead me to the places I need to be.  I feel like He lead me into a relationship a couple of years ago knowing it wouldn’t work, knowing that I would have hurt and disappointment.  He does everything for a reason.  And while I still don’t quite understand all that has transpired, I had, and still have, lessons to learn.  Lessons He’s teaching me if I’ll only let Him.  Now I feel He’s leading me back to this first love of my life.  He’s leading me back to the horses.  He’s leading me back to all the creatures and people I’ll encounter being there again.  He’s providing me with a purpose again.

I’m still a little unclear what this purpose is exactly, but I feel I’m starting to follow Him down a path He has meant for me.  One day it will be clear, one day I’ll have more wisdom because of all He’s bringing me through.  I’m still on the quest for now.  And really, I know I always will be, but I do think He’ll continue to lead me up to each door, open it when and if He wants, guide me through it, and be there on the other side when it may or not be what I expected.  Even when it is cockroaches or a black widow spider…

Right now, He’s reopened a door, He’s using the horses, and all that entails…

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