a decade later

It’s amazing that it’s already July 1.  My how time flies.  The year is already half over.  So many things still yet to do on my New Year’s Resolutions list. Seriously though, time does go by so fast.  I just received an email the other day informing me of my 10 year high school reunion.  10 YEARS!  Has it really been that long?  It seems like just last week I was leaving that place with a heart full of dreams, a plan to attain them, and nothing to get in my way.

Well, 10 years later I can tell you that some of those dreams have not happened.  Some are still in the works.  And then I’ve also discovered that the best dreams that come true are sometimes the ones you didn’t think about or plan on.

I still keep up with several friends from high school and it is interesting to see how our lives have changed, how we’ve grown, and how we’ve been led down different paths.  One is a serious musician, one a graphic artist, there’s a teacher, and a banker.  One is a homemaker and I am a technology geek/librarian.  What a crew.  I would have never guessed where we would all be a decade later.

School in general was never one of my favorite things, but the friendships I built during that time have been such a special part of my life.  Especially since through the years we have managed to keep in touch and stay friends.  And that alone is one of the best dreams to come true I could ever hope for.

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