only time will tell

What an interesting week this has been. It started last weekend when I was doing a little yard work for my mother and I stepped on a nail in the backyard.

This nail went clean through my shoe and punctured my foot. Fortunately it wasn’t very deep and not even enough of a worry to me that I didn’t even visit the doctor. I simply drowned it in hydrogen peroxide. No infection so far…only time will tell… keep your fingers crossed…

Anyway, on Tuesday I worked a half day and then took my mother to see Josh Groban perform at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. This was a belated Mother’s Day gift to her, but between just you and me, I also wanted to see him so it was kind of a gift for me too. Shhhh… don’t tell her.   Well, all I can say about Josh Groban is – he’s GOOD.  He’s a very likable guy with a great voice and a great heart for the troubled areas of the world – specifically Africa. He was even singing sick and aside from an occassional rocky note or two you could barely tell. Incredible concert.

Then last night I received a call from someone I haven’t heard from in a while. This is a person that I have had an up and down relationship with over the past three years. It was awkward and the conversation didn’t flow like it used to. Over the years we have tried several times to make something work between us but I don’t believe it ever will. Have you ever felt two completely different ways about the same person? Looking at it one way – we were made for each other. Both have the same beliefs, have very practical ideas about life, money, relationships, etc… he knows me really well, when I’m upset, happy, sad… He’s been with me through some of the toughest times in my life and as difficult as I’m sure I could be during those times he stayed with me. That should say something right? But then on the other hand we are so very different. Neither one of us enjoy doing the same things – he likes to hunt, I love animals, he is a homebody, I like to travel, he likes action movies, I like romantic comedies. I wanted us to share more things, to spend more time together, he didn’t. I know some of these things can be overcome, but after three years I started feeling like we should move forward and he wasn’t ready to make up his mind. Then it made me feel that it must not be right. Because if it were right wouldn’t we both feel ready to move forward? Only time will tellI suppose.

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