a broken hip

Last Friday I received a call at work saying my mother had been rushed to the hospital.  We joked later as she stated, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”… yes, she fell and needed EMS assistance to be carried off to the hospital

Needless to say, I rushed right over and after she suffered through some X-rays and received a shot of pain meds, the doctors said she had broken her hip.  So to her dismay she needed surgery – a total hip replacement.  Early Saturday morning, my mother’s hip was replaced with a new, shiny titanium prosthetic.

My brother was on a luxury cruise in Norway at the time so unfortunately I was kind of on my own to take care of things.  But everything went fine, surgery went well, I was able to contact my brother, and Mom is healing as expected.  In calculations, I figured I spent more than 60 hours at the hospital over the holiday weekend.

Aside from the circumstances and the exhaustion I feel, it was nice to have some quality time with Mom.  I know that sounds strange but I’m trying to find the positive.  How often does the opportunity arise to spend 60+ hours with a loved one?  Not too often for most of us.  And of course as word spread to our friends, family, and fellow church members, we were showered with visits and offers of assistance with anything we needed.

I know I write many times about how blessed I feel to have family, friends and church in my life.  It is so true.  Having lost Dad last year and with my brother out of the country, I would have been completely on my own to help my mother if it weren’t for my wonderful extended family, friends and church pastors and members.  Because of them, I felt stronger and more secure which allowed me to be more help to Mom as she recovered.

Now my brother is back home and helping out some which has allowed me to catch up on a little lost sleep and laundry.  Mom is home too, out of the hospital.  It’s still a pretty long road to full recovery, but she received a hospital bed and some other equipment that seems to be helping.  So me and my brother have split up days to help her with meals, chores, really whatever she needs until she can start doing some things on her own again… hopefully for her, that will be soon.

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