where have I been???

So it has been brought to my attention that I have not written in about a month.  First of all, I’m surprised to discover that there are more people reading this than I thought.  I pretty much figured I had only one loyal reader – my mother…

However, now that I realize there are more of you out there, I suppose I need to update a little more frequently.

So – where have I been???

Life has become super crazy the last couple of months and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.  Work has really picked up with several new projects, I’ve taken on a few new personal commitments that are taking extra time, and I’ve travelled.

I’ve been working on some database solutions at work.  And since I have no formal programming training it has been a long road of struggle for me.  But with persistence, I am slowly chipping away at the task one line of code at a time…

As mentioned in an earlier post I joined the church choir so that is taking up a little extra time each week.  I am enjoying it and we have started to work on the Christmas program (which will require some extra rehearsals above our standard Wednesday night).  I am also in the middle of a 9 week bible study that I’m taking with my mother.  This too has been an enjoyable experience and it is a spiritually challenging study, but again, it has been another thing to add to my schedule.

I have also travelled a little. 

I spent a couple of days in Charlotte for some Sharepoint training at the end of September.  While there I fit in a dinner with my sweet cousin who lives there now with her husband and adorable new kitten.  She shared with me the idea of potty training her kitten Sophie… hmmm, I told her to keep me updated on progress.  If successful, I’m wondering if that’s a realistic plan for my two little devils at home… Anyway, my cousin and I had fun spending some time together.

Last week I headed to Charleston for the Southeastern ContentDM Users Group meeting – sounds exciting right?  Actually it wasn’t so bad.  Always interesting to hear what others are working on, learn a few new things about the software that you might could implement on your own system, and network with people.  The bonus of this trip was that I was able to go down a day early with my mother and we spent about 36 hours exploring the great city that we used to call home.  It brought back all kinds of memories walking the historic streets with her.  We hit the aquarium and the market downtown, and shopped at the Tanger Outlets in the evening.  We also decided to take a nostalgic drive down memory lane which landed us on the street where we used to live.  The house where I spent much of my young childhood is always a treat to see.  It reminds me of where I came from and revives that little girl full of hopes and dreams that still lives within me.  That little house holds so many memories of days gone by.  Amazing how a person can form such an attachment to bricks and mortar.

So here I sit, currently in another hotel room in Atlanta awaiting the start of a conference that is focused on best practices for digitizing film and audio.  I arrived safely and found the hotel with no trouble.  However I realized quickly after checking in at the hotel that Atlanta is definitely not a place I’d want to live.  I got out and explored a bit and the traffic along with the one-way streets (those who know me know that one-way streets are my nemesis), all combine to create a city that I don’t believe I could be paid to live in.  What I thought would be a quick adventure down one street on the outskirts of the city to attempt to find dinner turned into a full tour of the downtown area as I got trapped with one-ways.  Round and round I went until I finally navigated back to the original street.  Who knew I would need a compass to venture out in Atlanta. 

I then returned to the hotel.  One that has probably already seen it’s best days – many years ago.  The room however, is a suite style room with a full kitchen, sitting area, etc…  I started settling in for the night only to have a set of blinds from one of the three windows completely dislodge and fall to the ground.  All I did was try to close them for some privacy – promise… I jumped clear across the room and then proceeded to laugh harder than I’ve laughed in quite some time.  All alone in an unfamiliar city with those cursed one-way streets and a window gaping open for all the world to see.  So here I am typing and staring at a jumbled pile of wooden slats laying in the floor.  Glad I’m on the third floor with only trees outside that window.  I suppose I’ll notify the hotel at some point in the very near future. 

Anyway, I’ll be glad to return home in a few days.  I do like to get out and explore, but it’s always nice to return home.  My travel isn’t over however, in a few short weeks I will jet off to Texas to visit some friends.  No work on this trip thank goodness, just good times with good people.  I’m very excited for this visit with everyone.  I know it will be lots of fun.

Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last month.  I’ll try to do better here, wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone… ha ha…

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