new year

Okay so I’m a couple of days late with this one. I wanted to write a few of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2008. Here it goes:

  1. spend more time with family and friends, specifically my mother and grandmother.
  2. catch up with a couple of old friends that I have not seen a long time. (alright so that really does belong under #1. ha ha)
  3. travel to one amazing destination that I have never been to.
  4. lose 5 pounds per each quarter. (Had to put this one on here – losing weight is a standard for everyone I think.)
  5. save a set amount of money each month.
  6. read the Bible every day.
  7. clean out my house and get more organized.
  8. get my piano tuned and start to play again.
  9. learn to cook – better.
  10. and finally… keep optimistic!

That’s it! Hope I can live up to all of these and that January 2009 I will be able to report success. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!


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