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For the last week the only thing I’ve done is cough…  my sides, stomach and back is so sore from the constant hacking that has kept me up to all hours of the night and day.  I now know how insomniacs feel when sleepiness takes over the body but something holds you back from peaceful slumber. Each moment right when I’ve been about to fall deep into dreamland a cough would strike and totally disrupt the moment.

I have missed five days of work and a weekend due to this insane disorder I’ve had.  And believe it or not, I’m still coughing.  Though not to the severe level as before, but still coughing nonetheless.

What’s so strange is that I don’t have tremendous congestion.  Sure my ears feel a little closed up and my throat feels like a brillo pad is stuck in it, but aside from a little scratchiness and pressure in my head, nothing really significant.  At least not significant enough to warrant all the coughing – at least in my opinion.

My mother has been the loving, generous caregiver she always is and brought dinner to me several times over the course of my seemingly neverending illness.  She is amazing and I take her for granted so often.

I’m still coughing regularly, but today is the first day I’ve actually been able to sit in stillness for more than 10 minutes at a time without the threat of another attack of jarring upheavals.  My head still feels like I’m inside a tunnel or a box, but hopefully as the small amount of congestion continues to breakdown this will also get better.

For now, I’m off to cough some more…

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  1. I am so glad that you are feeling a little better. I don’t like it when my baby is sick. I am sorry this messed up your mini vacation. Love, Mom

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