the great migration

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on the kittens that found their way to my home and into my heart last summer.  They have since become the most adorable members of my family.

Bogey (l) and Audrey (r)
Bogey (l) and Audrey (r)

Audrey and Bogey have unfortunately spent this long winter shivering out in the cold.  Too timid yet to come inside my house, they toughed out the chilly temperatures from the cozy cat beds I purchased for them after the first frost of the season.  But nonetheless they have continued to explore the world around them.  From falling leaves to falling snowflakes, they’ve chased it all.  And they’ve continued to worm their way deeper into my heart.

Bogey, the little male, has developed into a very laid back cat who loves to sit in my lap and cuddle.  He follows me around, chasing and pawing at my heels as I walk.  If I disappear – it isn’t long before I hear his little squeaky meow calling out to me as if to say, “where’d you go?”  If I hold out my hand he charges at me like a bull and stands up on his hind legs anxiously awaiting that scratch behind the ears.

Audrey, the little female, is all girl.  Prissy and standoffish but exceptionally curious about every thing.  She has more confidence to explore than her brother and seems to be more comfortable with strange noises and new surroundings than Bogey.  Though, as independent as she is, she too does not like to be alone.  She very much prefers me to be in sight, but to stay at arm’s length.  We only make contact on her terms.

As the winter passed day by day… they have just now started to really get comfortable in my house.  At first they would take three steps inside, pause, and then dart back for the door.  Now they will come and spend some time with me inside.  However, the key is to leave the back door slightly open so they have an “escape” if necessary.

The longest they have spent in the house yet is about three hours.  I’m trying to get them used to “house noises” like the dishwasher, running water, and the washer and dryer.  I’ve also introduced them to a litter box, however, for now they are just content to play in it…

The reason for all of this is so that I can make the great migration from outdoor to indoor cats.  (If you have any suggestions for this – I’m all ears.)  You see, my neighborhood has recently seen an increase in stray cats wandering around and I think they are beginning to be a bit of a nuisance for some of my neighbors.  So animal control has been called and they will be placing humane traps to attempt to clear out some of the population. 

I am a little afraid my curious kittens will find themselves in a trap and on an unexpected trip to the shelter if I don’t do something.  Unfortunately I also have some allergies to cats so I don’t know what the outcome will be for me once I can successfully move them inside.  But I’m attached to those little furry creatures now and so I’m prepared to do whatever it takes.  So wish me luck on the great migration.  I’ll keep you posted.

Oh yeah and on a side note… the mama cat that brought me these two lovely kittens almost a year ago and who I was unable to catch for a trip to vet… well, she’ll be bringing me more soon.  Yep that’s right, one day a few weeks ago she showed back up hungry and very pregnant.  When I saw her again, she was still hungry but no longer pregnant.  So in a couple of weeks I’m looking to find out how many she’s bringing me this time when she shows back up with little furballs following behind.  Any takers???

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  1. I think it’s great what you are attempting to do for these kittens. I’m really hoping that you are able to “tame” them and turn them into house cats (for the most part at least). I really hope that everything goes well.

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