adventures in paradise

As you’ve read, I just got back from a trip visiting some great friends in South Florida.  They are terrific.  We all have a lot in common but at the same time we are all very different and so the conversation is always interesting. 

One friend in particular is such a planner.  I always tell him he is my travel agent and tour guide.  When I plan a visit to see him or we plan a trip somewhere together I never have to worry about what we’ll be doing.  He usually has the entire itinerary set by the time he picks me up from the airport.  He is very careful to take into consideration what I like to do and makes sure that everything we see is fun and enjoyable.  It’s great to have my own private travel agent… means I can simply relax and enjoy the trip.  He pulls double duty, because he knows the history of his area and so he also becomes my personal tour guide.  Believe me, he will tell you everything you want to know and probably some things you didn’t about most anything in the South Florida area. 

This trip was a little more low key than past visits.  Just what I needed considering I’m only about 8 weeks out from surgery.  But we did manage a lot of walking around Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key Biscayne, and the Everglades.  So much so that I have blisters on my feet now – (note to self… need more comfortable shoes). 1-20-08-127-small.jpg

Anyway, this trip’s activities included me playing lighthouse keeper, making friends with an alligator, almost getting killed by a falling coconut (just kidding), rediscovering the child within swinging on the beach swingset, and feeling like a pauper as I walked through the doors of the grand estate that was the Biltmore family’s summer home – now known as the Biltmore Hotel.  I learned that it is VERY important not to look up when a flock of seagulls are flying overhead and that it is possible to create a pool by carving one out of coral – who knew?1-20-08-344-small.jpg

All in all it was a wonderful trip sharing time with some great friends and seeing some great things.  I’m looking forward to going back… maybe next time I’ll try parasailing, kayak out to the reef, or travel the 40 miles across the Atlantic to the Bahamas… whatever I do I won’t have to worry about too much, my friend will plan everything.          

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