a presidential birthday and snow

Tuesday was my mother’s 59th birthday! She’s probably hating that I’m sharing this information with you but I feel it is worth mentioning. So yes, she is now staring down the barrel at 60 which I’m sure for her is coming faster than she cares for it to.

But for now she is settling into being 59. Yes, I repeated her age again… she’s probably going to kill me, this may be my last post ever…

Anyway, aside from sharing some time with me for dinner, she received two special birthday presents, one from Mother Nature and one from our country.

The first was our minor snow event that for a few hours covered the ground in a perfect, glowing blanket of white and the roads in a slick, glassy sheet of ice. It was enough to close down schools, daycares, and government buildings. Though she eventually went into work that afternoon, she was able to have a little bit more of a leisurely morning than usual and so I assume that having that was a nice gift.

The second, and probably not as good (in my opinion), was a new president. President Barack Obama was sworn in at 12:04 pm on my mother’s birthday. And while I know she is just thrilled about that (not) I figure it was worth mentioning.

I tend to be a cynical thinker when it comes to politics. Whether a politician is Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, or Libertarian, or whether they are black, white, Hisplanic, Asian or any other ethnicity, it really doesn’t make any difference to me. Honestly, no matter who they are I feel like you can only believe half of what any of them say anyway.

I will pray for President Obama as I have for our past presidents and I truly hope that he can make the differences he has promised. But the cynical side of me tends to think that the celebration, joy, and unity will be short lived and that disappointment and frustration will soon find us again. Once he starts actually making tough decisions and having to follow through on them, the American public will turn on him just as we have before in previous administrations. I may be wrong and I hope I am, but I’ll have to wait and see.

I got a little sidetracked… back to my mother’s 59th birthday… oops, I mentioned the age thing again… despite that some of our plans were derailed due to the weather and will have to take place another day, I think she had a good day. I hope so. She deserves it. Happy Birthday again Mom! I love you!

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  1. I think I will let you live even though you told the world that I am 59 three times. I had a great birthday and a lot of the thanks goes to you for always being there and spending time with me. I love every minute that I spend with you. God did give me a beautiful present of the snow letting me have a leisurely morning to enjoy looking at it and then clearing it all out in time to go to dinner with you and Wally. And Washington was so gracious to throw me such a huge party all day long. Thanks for making my day and my life so special. I love you. Mom

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