completing the soul

Lately I’ve been struggling with the fact that too many of my favorite hobbies have fallen by the wayside due to a crammed schedule full of busy work days, neverending laundry/home maintenance, adult responsibilities, and other obligations that come with just simply being a member of the human race.

On the rare occassion that I do come upon a spare moment I usually react like a piranha does to the opportunity for fresh meat, quickly devouring every second of the time with endless errands, social activities and the like until there is nothing left.  And then, after all that, it turns out my spare moment was not a spare moment at all.   

Yes, sadly it’s been quite some time since I’ve had the sheer joy of spending time with my equine friends.  Horses used to be my passion.  So much of my character was shaped by the long, hard, work-filled days of my youth when I spent most of my summer and weekends throughout the year toiling away at the local horse stable.  Teaching riding lessons, caring for the horses, and of course, riding for myself were some of the best times of my life.  It didn’t matter what job I was assigned, I was in the presence of the most intriguing and graceful animals ever created.  I was in the presence of greatness and that was enough.

One of my other passions of yesteryear that also seems to have been lost in the trail of dust over the last decade is playing the piano.  I used to sit at a piano and play for hours just because I felt like the notes lived within me and were anxiously awaiting the magical moment when heart, mind, soul and instrument joined together to create something beautiful and memorable.  As I recall, I didn’t care for practicing too much but the music always came from somewhere deep inside me as I poured all that I had into a piece from Mozart, or Tchaikovsky, or even the latest film score that had impressed me.  The simple pleasure that came from hours upon hours spent tickling the ivories is something that I have always cherished.

Over the years I have also picked up some new interests.  Activities like photography and web development have appealed to my creative side.  And, as is obvious, writing has become an integral part of my life and my ability to express my experiences, opinions, beliefs, and any other random thoughts that cross my mind.

I think over the past several years I really have overlooked the need I have, the need my soul has, to enjoy these things.  These hobbies and interests that I’ve mentioned here and others that I have not focused on but are no less important, contribute so much to the quality of my life.  They have all spoken to some aspect of my being and awakened an urgency to appreciate all the greatness this life has to offer.

So my hope is to regain some of what I’ve lost along the way.  To start allowing more time for the simple enjoyment of learning a new piece of music or taking a long horseback ride through the mountains.  To discover and capture the world and all its nuances through my camera lens.  To challenge myself by developing and designing interesting applications for the web. And to continue to hone my writing skills so I can better record and express my thoughts and ideas.  Only then can I begin to completely enjoy the wonderful life God has so generously bestowed on me.  Only then can I begin to complete my soul.

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  1. I hope you will make time for the things you love. I know I have taken up a lot of your time over the past few years and I am sorry for that even though there is no other person on earth that I would rather spend it with. You are so talented and well rounded and like so many things that it will be hard to fit all of them in but don’t give up on any of your dreams and enjoyments. I love you! Mom

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