to travel or not to travel…

I am currently packing for a trip I hope to take.  I’m supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon for sunny Fort Lauderdale but it seems winter has decided to show up.  For the past three hours it has been snowing at my house. 

We don’t get snow too often around here so when it does come, it is relatively exciting.  People have absolutely no idea what to do.  At the first mention of wintery weather people run to the store for bread and milk.  I have never fully understood that combination, but that’s for another post I suppose. 

I do remember that as a kid if snow was falling I would stay up all night, hoping school would be called off.  Some of my favorite family memories are of those rare snow days.  Building the 1 1/2 foot snowman outside (because that’s all the snow we had), or playing games in the house with Mom.  I do remember I hated when Mom would bundle me up in about 10 layers so that I looked like a miniature version of the marshmellow man from Ghostbusters and I could barely walk.  When I think about that it always reminds me of the scene from The Christmas Story movie where the mother is dressing her youngest son to go outside.  She bundles him so tight that he can’t hold his arms down to his sides.  She keeps trying to push them down and every time she lets go, they just pop right back up.  He’s whining and unhappy, but spends a good portion of the movie in that attire, trying to run, falling down and needing his big brother’s help to get back up… funny movie. 

There is something magical about the snow though.  Everything seems more beautiful, more pure, the world seems to stop and time stands still.  At least here in the South where there aren’t enough snowplows to clear the roads or enough salt to melt the ice.  So people tend to be able to stay home and spend time with their families. 

Anyway, back to what I was originally saying… I am hoping to fly out tomorrow.  My friend that lives in Fort Lauderdale tells me they are expecting a cold snap too… somewhere in the ballpark of highs in the mid-70s… ha, ha… I think that’s a little better than the 30 its supposed to be here tonight.  So wish me well… the question is – will I be able to travel or not to travel????  I’m taking bets…   

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