the ultimate new year’s resolution

I cannot believe that yet another year has come and gone. 

So many things happened in 2008 – it flew by so fast.  Several large projects have taken off at work which have made my days busy.  I travelled many times to interesting places where I learned more about life than I ever dreamed.  My niece was born and I saw the next generation of my family begin.  Some family issues escalated and I prayed, and continue to pray, for a better future for us.  And my boyfriend’s father passed away and I watched as another family experienced the grief I have come to know so well over the last several years.  Both good and bad, all these experiences have woven together and added to the beautiful fabric of my life.  As unique as each individual, this fabric, these experiences are mine alone.  Only God knows the ultimate design that will represent my spirit.

As I look ahead to 2009, I can only hope that God continues to create and use experiences to make my fabric one that can be used for Him and His purpose.  My task is to listen to Him, to follow and serve Him, and to trust His plan for my life.  This is my ultimate New Year’s Resolution.

I wish you all a Happy New Year for 2009, may it be the best yet.

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