a few weeks of catch up

Okay so its been a few weeks since I posted last.  It has been a busy, busy few weeks.  I’ll catch you up on the happenings of my life with brief summaries… more detail to follow.

TSO performance – I went with my mother to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I enjoyed the show and realized that the stage was just as much one of the performers as each musician was.  The lightshow and stage movement work was amazing.  I think my mother enjoyed herself too and that’s the best thing.  I always enjoy my time with her.

Annie visit – Over Thanksgiving I kept Annie, one of my best friend’s dog.  She is the cutest Boston Terrier and was great visitor to have.  Very well behaved and I can’t complain.  My house actually felt a little empty after she left.

Grandma’s for dinner – I spent Thanksgiving Day with the people I love the most.  I had dinner at my grandmother’s house along with my aunt, uncle, mother, and boyfriend.  It was a nice day, wonderful weather, and allowed an opportunity to stop for a brief minute to count my blessings.

Carolina/Clemson game – My boyfriend and I took in the rival game at my friends’ house, Nick and Esther.  All I can say is GO CLEMSON!!!!!!!!

Mom’s second Thanksgiving feast – Mom usually cooks for Thanksgiving and since this year we went to my grandmother’s she cooked a secondary Thanksgiving meal on the Sunday after.  She had already thawed the turkey when my grandmother invited us so it had to be cooked anyway.  But it was a lovely meal shared with the two of the most precious people in my life – my mother and boyfriend.

catch a cold – Two weeks ago I caught a cold that knocked me out of work for two half days.  I’d try to go in and then would have to go home.  Nasty, nasty cold.  But I stocked up on Vitamin C and Tylenol Cold and that seemed to do the trick.

Chicago travel – I got all better in time to travel to Chicago for a work conference.  The city was beautiful all decorated for Christmas and it SNOWED!!!!!!!!  I’ll write more about this soon.

Christmas shopping – I have started Christmas shopping.  I have just a few more things to purchase to finalize this years gifts. 

more petsitting – I have also now become a professional petsitter apparently.  I checked in on Phoebe, my godcat, who is owned by the wonderful pair Matt & Shea.  And then the following weekend I was responsible for checking in on a trio that belong to Nick & Esther… they are Dusty, Ally, and Roscoe.

So that’s been my last few weeks.  Along with working, it has been extremely busy.  I’m hoping it will calm down soon so I can think.  But the holidays are making that difficult.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to write again and more frequently soon.  I still need to make final comments on my California trip and now Chicago as well.  Stay tuned…

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