a little visitor

Tonight I received a visitor that will stay at my house for three days.  She’s cute and tiny, doesn’t eat a lot, loves to play, likes to cuddle, and enjoys long naps on the couch.  My visitor is an adorable Boston Terrier named Annie.

One of my good friends and his fiance are traveling north to visit with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday.  They will be moving around a good bit and thought it might be a little more difficult having a third party of the canine persuasion tagging along.  So when asked, I told them I could take her in for a few days.

She arrived tonight and has already made my home, her home.  She has spread her toys all over my house, decided that her favorite thing is my couch, and she has ceremoniously marked her territory in the front yard.  She seems to have also become quickly attached to me because now she is following me around the house, matching me step for step.

But she is lovable and obedient – two great qualities to find in a dog.  I will enjoy having some company in the house for the next few days and might actually be sad to see her go when her “parents” return.

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