the convergence

Lately, it seems as if life has just taken off and left me in the dust gasping for breath trying to catch up.  Between traveling, work conferences and responsibilities, family obligations, doctors appointments, and the daily grind of chores and the like… well, I’m just exhausted.

This week represented the convergence of several things all at once. 

I’ve been having some trouble with my thyroid again and it was also time for my yearly checkup so on Monday I went to the doctor.  After a meeting with the doc and allowing them to take four viles of blood I realized I would need to return in a week to complete my physical – yay… just my luck.  But it does seem that my thyroid function has decreased again.  This requires an adjustment to my medication thus beginning the trial cycle.  I try the new dosage for 6 weeks, then have more blood taken to see if it works for me.  If not, we keep trying until we get it right.  So let’s hope that once is all it takes this time around.

Then on Tuesday, as mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was tied up with election madness all day.

For the last several months my mother has been checking out new cars.  It had come the time to say goodbye to the 10 year old green Ford Taurus that had the beginnings of some major transmission and power steering issues.  The heater didn’t work and one of the front headlights was loose.  So Thursday, after many weeks of contemplating, planning, weighing the options, I accompanied her to the local car dealer and haggled a deal on a new Toyota Camry.  After nearly three hours of negotiations and talking, she signed her name and the car was hers. 

Today I went to work and after a couple of hours received a call from my boyfriend about his father.  I had mentioned a few months ago that his dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and it seems that now has come the time for goodbyes.  The family had allowed Hospice to move him into one of their Hospice Houses on Wednesday and by this morning he was not responsive, breathing erratically, and his heartbeat had slowed.  My boyfriend called and I left work to sit with him and his family for most of the day.  His father seemed to settle down and stabilize a little in the afternoon, so I left and returned to work for a short time.

On a more lighthearted note: I then went with my mother to pick up her new car whereby I noticed that our nice car salesman was seemingly trying to pick up something too – my mother.  I seriously believe he was interested.  He sure did stretch out the inspection of the car.  We ended up spending nearly another hour and a half just to finalize all the information about titles and tags, etc… 

But I’m very happy my mother has the new car and it’s in the color she likes (so very important)…  I feel better knowing she has a reliable mode of transportation and that if something goes wrong there is a warranty to fall back on.  I think it was a smart decision.

Anyway, I say all this just to say it has been a crazy week, or rather a crazy couple of months.  I don’t really see an end to it either now with holidays right around the corner and all.  But my main concern right now is my boyfriend, his father, and their family.  I just hope I can help them in some small way and that a peace comes over this family to provide them comfort through this difficult time.  Having lost my own father, I know the grief that will soon follow.  I only wish I could shoulder some of the pain for them all. 

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  1. I completely understand what you mean. Life waits for no man….or woman. Just keep your faith and keep your head held high and you’ll always come out better on the other side.

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