static is not my friend

It has come to the time of year where all my clothes cling, my hair frizzes, and I get a shock from everything I touch – yes that’s right – the culprit, STATIC!  The cooler temperatures mixed with the dryer air makes for a very active electrical environment. 

I love this time of year though.  We get a break from the 100 degree weather of our long summer, the leaves are changing colors, and holidays are right around the corner.  But I could definitely do without the static cling and the static sting.  It is SOOOO aggravating and often quite painful. 

It even affects our little four-legged furry friends.  I went outside tonight to feed my two mongrels and the really lovable little guy Bogey got a shock full right on his nose when I tried to pet him.  I felt so bad.  It’s like a mini-electric treatment to them…

Though it seems like such a minor annoyance, it is amazing how it can also affect your mood for the entire day.  Things that normally wouldn’t bother me, now do and only because I’m already on edge by dealing with the nuisance of flyaway hair and having to be careful how I touch everything from my desk, to the car door handle, to the remote control. 

What a problem and additional stressor to an already stress-filled life… I suppose I’ll just have to make a run to the store and clean them out of their supply of Static Guard… it’s the only way to keep my sanity!

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