back from the west coast

I am back from my work/vacation trip to the west coast.  I had an amazing trip full of learning, sightseeing, thinking and soaking up nature.  There is too much about this trip I want to share so instead of cramming all I can into a cheap summary, I’d rather focus on pieces of it throughout the coming weeks in several posts. 

With that said, all in all I learned a lot while on this trip, not only for work, but about myself and the world around me.  Since I was basically alone for 8 days, it allowed me lots of time to think and reflect about my life.  Where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.  And what better place to do some thinking than in the beautiful settings of the Pacific coastline, the central valley and the Redwood forest.  I simply marveled at God’s creations every time I turned a corner.  How blessed we are to live in a world full of these gorgeous places and how blessed I feel to have had this opportunity to visit a few of them.

But for now, I will simply return to my daily tasks of work, house cleaning, paying bills, and feeding those adorable creatures (the cats) on my back porch steps every night.  My main focus right now though is laundry – piles of it.  When I get a spare moment I will begin my California trip post series.  Stay tuned…  

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