howdy from california!

I’m here in california and typing this up on a small handheld device. So needless to say this will not be as long as my usual posts.

But I’ve just finished up a work conference and moved to a smaller town, different hotel, and picked up rental car.

The conference was great, the scenery is beautiful and the adventure of it all is pumping through my veins. But I’ll write more about all of my experiences when I return home at the end of the week.

I did want to mention one quick thing though. Despite the 3,000 mile distance, oddly, I feel even more close to all my loved ones. This is a thought that I will expand on more later as well. But, in short, my mother, grandmother, friends and even those who have already passed on, I feel them all with me while I’m alone here in california. As I watched the sun set over the vast Pacific Ocean tonight, I thought about each one and how much they (you) all mean to me.

Anyway, like I’ve said, I’ll write all about this more later – for now I just wanted to say howdy from california.

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