it’s all about patience

So I haven’t written about the cats in a little while.  Thought I would give a brief update…Bogey & Audrey

The last time I wrote I was trying to control World War III from breaking out in my backyard.  I had brought the little kittens (Bogey and Audrey) home from the vet and Casey (their mother) no longer wanted to have anything to do with them. 

Well, that hasn’t changed, but the circumstances have improved.  Casey has surrendered and let the kittens have the backyard as their own.  She still drops in about every other day to check in, share a meal (in her own bowl away from the kittens of course) and beg for a couple of strokes down her back.  Then she maneuvers her way past the little ones and keeps traveling.  I do hope to get her to the vet soon though, she can’t bring me any more kittens… it’s just not going to happen – it can’t!!  But she is very sweet and I enjoy having her around too.

Bogey and Audrey have adjusted well to the backyard again after the three day vet adventure.  They have healed well and I have been successful in giving them all of their worm medication.  YAY!!  So Audrey still has quite a way to go before I can approach and pet her.  She still needs to be distracted by food and even then it’s tough.  Bogey on the other hand is a lovable little guy.  He just wants to be rubbed behind the ears, on the sides of his neck and down his back ALL the time.  And when I do, he just purrs in approval and contentment.  Audrey watches and I can just see her little mind running a mile a minute… I don’t think it will be long before she gives in and acts the same as her brother.  Until then, it’s all about patience.

The whole process has been all about patience.  Believe it or not, I have learned a little something from my experiences with this tiny family in the past few months.  Life is about patience.  I’ve often heard the phrase that “good things come to those who wait” and that could not be more true.  I struggle with patience.  I want things to happen right now, I want people to do things right now, and I want my career to start moving right now, I want my dreams to come true right now.  It’s easy to think that way in the society and times we live in.  We get so caught up in a lifestyle that is driven by the “time is money” mentality.  Even the King himself (Elvis in case I lost you) sang about the time being “Now or Never.”  And I suppose in some instances that idea is correct, however, in life generally it is usually not the case.  In our relationships, in our dreams, in our goals, in our own personal development there is always a reason why things don’t happen in our time or the way we think they should.  It takes time to cultivate these things, to build relationships, to bring wisdom and understanding to our lives. 

And I have found that when I patiently wait for something, no matter how long it takes, when things do finally happen or I acquire some insight, I am filled with more joy and contentment then I can imagine.  And only then can I truly appreciate whatever it is I have waited for.  I just have to always continue to trust God’s timing, because it is never wrong.  And in His timing is where we find the truest joy and essence of our lives.

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