horse town and those one way streets

We have finally arrived in the riverside city of Louisville.  Driving in we found this equine-friendly place alive with activity as people filled the streets and horse carriages maneuvered in and out of traffic.  Horse images are all around, the peaceful river is glistening in the lights of surrounding buildings and bridges, and here I was, little me, trying to figure out the one way streets…

If you know me, or have ever ridden in the car with me, then you are well aware that one way streets are not my friend.  I seem to always get caught up in the vicious square of up one – over two – turn right for one – and back two…  such is what happened tonight.  We travelled about 18 blocks out of the way and through some questionable areas of town just to be able to make one right turn onto the street where the hotel was located.  I ended up with an unintended 30 minute car tour of the downtown area at 10 pm at night. 

But it was great, and I had my dear friend Esther to join in the fun.  Now that we’ve checked in with our family to let them know we arrived safely we are settling in the hotel room (which has a beautiful view of the city and river) getting ready for the exciting week ahead…

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