my active weekend

This last weekend was a busy one.  Not busy in a bad, doing-things-you-don’t-want-to-do kind of way, just busy. 

Friday, my boyfriend and I went out to eat and to a movie.  I am a horrible decision maker (and really so is he even though he wouldn’t admit it) and so we had dinner at a local restaurant named Fuji.  It’s a quick, Japanese stir fry place that has become our place to go when we can’t think of a place to go.  I always get the teriyaki shrimp and he always gets the steak & chicken combo with no mushrooms.  Not a lot of variety in our lives apparently.  It’s a good, fast, and filling meal and solves our problem of mealtime indecision. 

Anyway, once we finished there we trotted off to see the new Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro flick “Righteous Kill.”  Okay, so since I am often indecisive I also regularly forfeit my opportunity to pick a movie too… because I definitely would not have picked this one.  For one reason, I’m not particularly fond of either actor – GASP!!!  I know, I know… probably some of you reading this are thinking “how in the world could you not appreciate two of the greatest actors ever?”  Don’t worry, my dad would’ve thought the same thing.  But no, I do not find either actor or the types of movies they typically produce remotely appealing.  Which leads me to my next reason… this type of film is not the kind of storyline I prefer.  The dark, “I’m a macho cop let me shoot someone” kind of flick just does nothing for me.  My boyfriend enjoyed it and so I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste.  But just know that I will be picking the next film and he’s going to sit through it whether he wants to or not… 

So Saturday morning I spent cleaning up a bit, doing laundry (always seems like I’m doing laundry), and trying to keep the peace in the backyard between Casey, the mother cat, and her kittens.

About a month ago, I received some free tickets to a Little Theater production of “Peter Pan.”  Again, not really my first choice for an evening out but the tickets were free and I knew my mother would enjoy the show.  So on Saturday night, she and I went to a nice dinner and then off to the performance.  I must say that for local community theater the performance was good.  The costumes and sets were actually quite elaborate and they even made Peter Pan fly… a nice special effect for such a little theater.  It was a much longer show than I anticipated – nearly three hours. 

Sunday brought another day spent with my wonderful mother.  We went to church that morning where I was able to meet our youth minister’s four day old daughter – yes, that’s right she was only four days old.  She was born on Thursday and he, his wife, and new daughter dropped by a couple of Sunday school classrooms for a few minutes to show off their new bundle of joy.  She is so tiny, couldn’t believe they brought her but I’m glad they did.  I then met up with my boyfriend and my mother in the sanctuary for worship service and afterwards all three of us were off to the house to have some lunch.

We stayed at my mother’s that afternoon, watching the Ryder’s Cup, reading the newspaper, chatting and laughing.  Then we loaded up in the car again and all headed to the annual church picnic.  Everyone brings a plate a food, a hungry appetite and an open heart.  The weather could not have been better, a little overcast, a slight breeze and temperatures in the mid-70s.  The smorgasbord of homecooked green beans, mac n’ cheese, chicken, desserts, etc… was delicious and makes me wish I could actually cook something remotely as good.   The little ones played on the swings while the adults and teens could amuse themselves by way of the basketball court, a large open field for football or the volleyball net.  At the end of the meal our pastor gave a brief devotion and prayer and then everyone was back to the activities.  I love to go to the church picnic – its a great time to catch up with the wonderful people of our church. 

My Spot of Thankfulness today is for my church family.  The people that make up my church represent some of the finest, most generous, loving Christian folks I have ever met in my life.  I could never truly describe how dear these people are to me and my family.  Four years ago when I entered the sanctuary for the first time, I was greeted by many smiling faces and friendly handshakes and that hasn’t changed.  With all the setbacks and losses my family has experienced over these last several years, our church family has never failed to envelop us with their support and love.  And most importantly, these individuals are centered in God’s will and provide such a shining example of His forgiveness, His love and His teachings.  I have a wonderful church home and for this I am tremendously grateful.

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