a ‘mommy dearest’ homecoming

Just thought I would give a quick update on the cats since I scooped up the kittens and whirled them off to the vet for the works.

After having to take out a second mortgage to pay the vet bill, I returned the kittens back home yesterday.  The progress I had made with them over the last 2 1/2 months is now just a glimmer of my memory.  The babies are quite scared of me and will not allow me near them as they did prior to Thursday.  And their own mother is now rejecting them also. 

Casey, mama cat, probably is on the defense with them because the kittens now smell like the vet office and she does not recognize them.  However, the first night she was literally running them back into the woods any time they would attempt to come to the patio for food. 

Today I started closing Casey up on the screen porch so that I could try to get the kittens, Bo and Amber, to come eat.  I have had some mild success with that today.  I’m hoping this is all just temporary and that while it may never be completely like it was before, they can all learn to tolerate each other and trust me again.

So the poor kittens are dealing with a ‘mommy dearest’ and I’m dealing with a family divided.  Maybe it will all work out over the next few days.

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