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I seem to have been on a blogging hiatus recently.  Life has been very crazy the last couple of weeks and it hasn’t allowed much time for anything extra.  Heck, I’ve barely been able to get laundry finished in order to have clean clothes for each day.

In these couple of weeks, I’ve helped plan and host a wedding shower at work, attended a wedding, been sent to an all day training course for work, enjoyed a Bryan Adams concert, and celebrated my birthday.  I also helped welcome my new niece into this world.  An experience that I will describe in a separate post.

I think the wedding shower and wedding went very well.  My good friend Chris married his longtime girlfriend Julie.  Everyone seemed to have a good time at both occassions.  They are so sweet together and I wish them a marriage full of all the great things that life has to offer.

My coworker Robyn and I were sent to an all day training course on the new Intranet system that we got up and running back in March.  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable but had a difficult time conveying the concepts to the individuals in the class.  So I’m not sure exactly how much I ended up getting out of the class, but hopefully a few things he mentioned will stick with me and be helpful as I continue to build on the library’s Intranet.

Shea's artistic vision of the drunken coupleOn Saturday night, my friend Shea and I headed up the road to Charlotte to see one of my favorite all time performers/musicians, Bryan Adams.  We had so much fun just hanging out together.  I’ve known Shea since I was nine and so when we get together “we always end up on memory lane.”  We also enjoyed the simple pleasure of people watching at the concert – some interesting characters played a small part in our lives as we spotted the “orange girls” and the “air guitar guy.”  We also had a lovely, drunken couple sitting a few rows in front of us that danced to each ballad.  But Bryan Adams was TERRIFIC!!  He sounds just the same as he did when I saw him 15 years ago. 

me opening presentsAnd then I was fortunate to have my mother, boyfriend, and two other couples (Shea & Matt and Nick & Esther), help me celebrate my birthday.  I worked a half day, then went with my mother to visit my brand new niece.  After that, the gang went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and came back to my mother’s house for cake and presents.  I always have a great time with this group.  I am so lucky to have these people in my life.  People that I can always count on and that because of their differences make my life more interesting.  I think everyone had a good time – I know I did.  And I also received some very nice gifts which included a couple of photo albums (YAY!!), a rafting gift card (Chattooga – HERE I COME!!), roses, a new shirt and pair of pants, and an external hard drive (better for all those digital photos I take)… 

mama catI have also continued my cat watching.  I have been able to pet the kittens a few more times, but only when they are distracted by food.  However, they do not seem to be scared of me anymore, just a little hesitant so we are making progress.  Since they’ve been visiting my home I’ve bought two new food bowls, created a little bed with an old towel, purchased two bags of cat food, and a couple of toys that they can play with.  So as much as I was fighting it I think I have some cats now – for better or worse.  Now I need to come up with names I suppose and think about vet visits for them.  I guess when I get another spare minute I can concentrate on that a little more.

And I know you were hoping I had forgotten, but I have my next 10 stress relievers ready for you (my comments in italics):

  1. Find support from others – fortunately I have a great group of friends and several family members that are extremely supportive and encourage me every day.
  2. Ask someone to be your “vent partner” – some days you may need more than one
  3. Do it today – tell me what to do and I’ll do it
  4. Work at being cheerful and optimistic – I have found that sometimes this truly is A LOT of work
  5. Put safety first – I don’t know, sometimes being unconscious might be the only way you can find to relieve stress
  6. Do everything in moderation – this includes eating
  7. Pay attention to your appearance – unfortunately I cannot avoid the mirror, wish I could some days
  8. Strive for excellence NOT perfection – I have a lot of trouble with this one
  9. Stretch your limits a little each day – not your financial limits, this could lead to some severe credit debt and only cause more stress
  10. Look at a work of art – really?? this relieves stress? not sure about this one 

Okay so I think this pretty well catches you up.  I will write about my niece in a later post.  Until then, I’m working on finding another spare minute.

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