stupid things and contact

This past week was a “back from vacation” week so I was expecting the usual craziness trying to catch up and get going again.  However, this week I’ve been all out of sorts. 

First I have spent all week trying to get our first digital collection up and running.  It seemed that every step I took forward brought with it new problems.  I’d get one thing working only to find that the very next thing wasn’t and then I’d spend an hour or so trying to figure it out.  I have managed to get the collection up but at the expense of my use of the administration panel that allows me to change most server, collection and item settings.  So this is my problem to figure out next week… why won’t it let me in now????

I also have done two very stupid things this week.  And at the risk of getting a little too personal, I’m going to tell you anyway, because its just sooooooo stupid.  So Tuesday I get up and go to work… I make a visit to the ladies’ room mid-morning where I come to find that I have put my underwear on inside out… okay so you probably really didn’t need to know that, but just how stupid am I????

I will quickly change the subject and tell you stupid thing #2 I have done this week.  A friend of mine was over at my house on Wednesday and sat in my back bedroom to watch as I fed the new cat and kittens that have decided to live in my backyard.  My computer is also in the back bedroom.  So later that night after my friend left, I went to the room to check email.  I didn’t turn the light on because I know this room and where everything is in it (or I thought I did).  As I reached to turn the monitor on I went to sit down at the same time… BAM!! I ended up on the floor.  My friend had moved the chair across the room and had not moved it back… there I lay in the dark on the floor thinking to myself “What just happened???”  I laid there for a minute or so and just laughed at myself, then dazed and confused got up and went to turn on the light.  Note to self: always be sure a chair is actually there before I sit down…

Okay so back to the cats… I have some news to report – I have made contact.  I was able to pet one of the kittens while it ate tonight.  It was brief but a step in the right direction.  Mama cat is still quite hesitant of me and the other kitten is warming up to me like its sibling.  Anyway, just thought I would relay information.  I’ll keep you posted.

And as my last thing tonight, I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this…drumroll…. more stress relievers (my comments in italics):

  1. Look up at the stars – actually this does help, I do this quite a lot
  2. Practice breathing slowly – hummm, hummm, hummm
  3. Learn to whistle a tune – this would be impossible for my mother, she can’t whistle
  4. Listen to a symphony – depends on the symphony
  5. Watch a ballet – I’d rather watch grass grow
  6. Read a story curled up in bed – I’m a librarian that doesn’t like to read
  7. Do a brand new thing – I love trying new things
  8. Stop a bad habit – like tardiness???  aw shucks
  9. Buy yourself a flower – not in this economy… little luxuries can be spared
  10. Take time to smell a flower – and then sneeze from the amount of pollen that has built up on the petals…

You are half way through… bare with me… until next time, lets hope I don’t do any more stupid things.

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  1. Well, to be frank, I don’t really know how to reply to this post….umm….WOW. I’ve had some days/weeks like that. But wow. HEHE keep your head up, you’ll be fine.

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