back at work

Today I returned to work after having a week of relaxation, cleaning out, and cat watching.  I spent the whole morning catching up on phone calls, emails, meetings with the boss, and then I managed to get through my weekly tasks.  It was a long day and I have to do it all again tomorrow.  Oh well, I am grateful I have a job that I can complain about unlike the many in this country who are unemployed.  (See, taking from yesterday’s stress relievers to look for the silver lining – ha ha).  Honestly, I don’t have to complain too much because I really love my job – it just is never easy to go back on a Monday after a vacation… no matter how great the job is.

Okay so set #4 of stress relievers (my comments in italics):

  1. Be aware of the decisions you make – because you can make decisions when you are unaware???  I suppose you can depending on how much alcohol you’ve consumed…
  2. Believe in yourself – and God, because you aren’t going to be enough on your own to make it through this life
  3. Stop saying negative things to yourself – unless you are happy being miserable
  4. Visualize yourself winning – I can see it, I can, I really can…
  5. Develop your sense of humor – or at least a sense of sarcasm
  6. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day – exactly, because you may not have tomorrow
  7. Have goals for yourself – and then set out to achieve them… its not enough just to simply have goals
  8. Dance a jig – a jig?????????????  okay…. NO
  9. Say hello to a stranger – and then get mugged
  10. Ask a friend for a hug – I rarely hug anyone… it stresses me out…

I know you just can’t wait to read the next 10, right???  On the edge of your seat, I know it…

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