continued cleaning and cat watching

Today I made more progress towards my big clean out.  However, there is still quite a bit left to do. 

Anyway, let me give you an update on the cats in residence.  My family grew from 3 to 4 overnight.  No, there is not a third kitten, but actually a father cat that has now joined the party.  Tonight as I was feeding the mother cat, the father cat would strategically place himself between me and the kittens.  It’s like he knew mama had to eat so he must protect the “nest” or in this case the flowerbed.  The mama did much the same as she has in recent nights.  She walks up about 2-3 feet away from me and eats while she cautiously looks at me and all around in between bites.  She did talk to me tonight though and she didn’t seem quite as timid as usual.  When she was finished, she returned to the flowerbed across the yard to join dad and babies.  The four of them laid there together like a family for about 10 minutes and then Pop decided he needed to go.  That left the mother cat there nursing her kittens and gave me my queue to go back inside. 

They have been so much fun to watch this week.

Okay, so I just know you are anxiously awaiting the next 10 Ways to Relieve Stress, right?  ha ha…

Well, here they are, Second 10 (again my comments in italics):

  1. Use time wisely – I wish I were better at this, but then again whose to say that choosing to watch another rerun of the Andy Griffith Show isn’t a good use of my time?
  2. Simplify meal times – Many of you know that I don’t really cook and therefore only visit the grocery store about once every other month – so if by “simplifying meals” they mean plan out a week in advance, well… that would just cause me more stress
  3. Always make copies of important papers – Now I will say, this one is important and can reduce the amount of anxiety you can feel when the last or only copy you had of something cannot be found
  4. Anticipate your needs – Okay, if anyone has a clue how to anticipate needs… please feel free to share because really, your guess is as good as mine
  5. Repair things that don’t work properly – Anyone know a good handyman?  I would end up ensuring the item would never work again if I tried to fix anything
  6. Ask for help with jobs you dislike – Any takers on cleaning my bathrooms???
  7. Break large tasks into bite-size portions – So then you can have a hundred different tasks to complete as opposed to just one
  8. Look at problems as challenges – ha ha ha…  easier said than done in many cases
  9. Unclutter your life – trying to do some of that this week
  10. Smile – well now it is a fact that it takes less muscles to smile than it takes to frown… 

Okay, so I know these are corny… but kinda fun and different.  I have more… just wait.

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