cleaning out, cat watching & stress

I have been on vacation from work this week and what a nice, relaxing week it has been so far.  I have slept in each morning, hung out in pj’s all day, watched some TV, and worked on cleaning out my back bedroom. 

Since I moved in 4 years ago I’ve needed to go through boxes that were still left unpacked.  Yes, I did say 4 years… I procrastinate.  So anyway, I have started.  I’m still working on it – I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day (or in my case, a week).  I didn’t realize what a pack rat I am.  I’ve saved all sorts of things from greetings cards I’ve received for all occassions, passed notes from friends in school, movie tickets, programs, concert tickets, school IDs, letters, keychains, notebooks, college textbooks, and apparently any other item that at some point meant something to me.  However, much of it now is simply junk.  So I’ve performed my own version of the TV show Clean Sweep this week and started setting aside only the most valuable things while tossing or putting to yardsale the rest. 

I still have a quite a way to go, but its definitely a start in the right direction.  Now I have the pile of junk beginning to form at my front door waiting for me to haul it off.  Hopefully I won’t let it sit there too long – I have a tendency to do that too.

In between sifting through boxes and sneezing from all of the dust they have collected, I have been watching the new family that has moved into my backyard.  A stray cat has decided that she and her two kittens are taking up residence with me.  I must admit, they are fun to watch as the kittens jump around and explore their great new world.  They look to be about 4 or 5 weeks old.  Tonight I had my first close up success with the adult cat while her kittens hid in a shrub around the corner of my house.  She ate a little food about three feet away from me and even let me take a picture.  We are making progress – or on second thought, are we?  Do I really need a stray cat and her kittens hanging around?  Should I really be encouraging this?  Well, probably not, but I just can’t help but try to befriend them…

Anyway, as I continued to clean out I found some handout I received from who knows where listing 100 Ways to Relieve Stress.  I glanced through the list and thought I would share these entertaining tips 10 at a time over my next 10 posts… feel free to ignore, but some of them are quite amusing. 

First 10 (my comments in italics):

  1. Get up 15 minutes earlierokay, so if you know me… then you know this just isn’t happening
  2. Prepare for the morning the night beforeI like to procrastinate too much
  3. Avoid tight fitting clothesAs much as I would like to… my waistline has other ideas
  4. Set appointments aheadAhead of what?
  5. Don’t rely on memory… write it downI have never relied on memory, mine’s never been good
  6. Practice preventitive maintenanceon what? everything?  your car, your health, your house, the list is endless and would probably cause more stress just thinking about all the things you need to prevent
  7. Make duplicate keyswhy?
  8. Say “no” more oftendon’t we all wish we could do this?
  9. Set priorities in your lifeI have priorities, just sometimes they get switched around through no fault of my own
  10. Avoid negative peopleokay, so wouldn’t we all love to live in a world where we could avoid negative people?  Just isn’t going to happen… they’re everywhere

Stay tuned… I’ll post 10 more next time… fascinating stuff really… joking… ha ha

Until then, I’ll just be cleaning out and cat watching…

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