so free is good!

Thanks to my brother, my mom and I went to see the Red, White & Boom downtown tonight.  The bro had some free tickets that he offered us.  They were free, so why not right?

Aside from the downpour before the show, the evening was great.  The storm cleared and brought in cooler temperatures and a gentle breeze. 

The performer this year was local boy, Aaron Tippin.  The country singer, popular mainly for his patriotic and family friendly songs which were primarily written in the 90s, is from around this area.  He is truly a country boy, but seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  He acted very humbled to be performing near his hometown.  I’m not really into the real country music like he tends to sing, but the performance was entertaining and fun.  He brought his family onstage to perform with him on a couple of songs as well. 

He even put together a bicycle while singing one song.  He later told that over the years he had put together around 600 of them.  He donates each one to the Toys for Tots program and did so this evening also.  A marine came out to accept the donation.  He encouraged everyone in the audience to give back to society in some way. 

I thought to myself what a positive and truly great message he is spreading.  In today’s world where people are often too busy to take care of their own families he’s reminding people to take a moment and support others.  See he’s a good guy!

The best part of the evening was hanging out with my mom – my most favorite person.  She seemed to enjoy the night too and that makes me happy.  Seeing her happy just really makes my day.

So all in all, free is good!

Oh and by the way… I’m on vacation for a week!!  YAY!!

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