here comes the sun…and bad news

The sun finally arrived on my last full day here in Jacksonville.  The temperature and humidity stayed relatively low so it was a beautiful day here on the river.  The conference was also better today.  A few really good sessions that gave me some material to think about and apply when I get back home.

The conference let out a little early on the last day so I took advantage of the nice weather and walked all over downtown.  Then hopped in the car and took a brief trip across Hart bridge to the South shore to see if I had been missing anything.  Nothing really that I could tell, but I didn’t drive all the way out to the beaches either.  Something tells me there is probably more action there.

I returned to the North shore and took a walk down the Riverwalk to Jacksonville Landing.  This is a place reminiscent of the 80s Miami Vice scene – at least that’s what I decided.  There I found a food court among other things and decided I’d stop for a quick bite.  While I was there, a live cover band started to play outside in the plaza area.  They sounded really good, playing everything from Journey to ZZtop, to Train.  Lots of other things in between.  It was a nice, relaxing way to end my travel to Jacksonville – sitting on the balcony, breeze coming in off the water, sun setting, and good music to listen to. 

After taking in the sights and sounds I walked back to the hotel and called my mother.  Bad news, my grandmother is in the hospital again and worse, her house had been broken into the night before and her purse was stolen.  She was home the entire time, asleep.  I thank God nothing happened to her.  This could have turned out so much worse – I won’t even think about the “what if’s” of this situation.  The burglar only took her purse and nothing else and did so quietly, no harm to my grandmother.  But her money, checkbook, credit cards, identification and house keys were all in her purse.   

She had already been having a good bit of health trouble the last week or so and fell in her home a few days before all this happened.  With all these things considered, my uncle and aunt decided it was best to call EMS.  So she is in the hospital now and will probably be sent to a nursing home – at least temporarily. 

I am so worried for my grandmother.  I love her dearly.  For so long she was the center, the heart of our family.  Now that we are older and some have passed away, we all don’t spend as much time together as we used to.  And I often don’t show it or visit her as often as I should, but no matter what, she is a trememdously important person in my life.  I plan to see her when I return to town. 

So on this day that the sun decided to arrive, I’ve been given a little cloud for my sky.  I’ll just keep praying, it’s all I can do.  

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